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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    2 June 2014Calvinism, Proslavery and James Albert Ukawsaw Gronniosaw  Hanley, R
    2011Carl Linnaeus and the Visual Representation of Nature  Charmantier, I
    2 June 2014Carl Linnaeus's botanical paper slips (1767–1773)  Charmantier, I; Müller-Wille, S
    19 July 2007Challenging the 'refuse revolution': war, waste and the rediscovery of recycling, 1900–50  Cooper, Timothy
    22 June 2018Changing narratives of race and environment in the Nineteenth-Century and early-Twentieth-Century Brazilian Amazon  Espelt-Bombin, S; Harris, M
    1 December 2010Charles Wesley’s Family and the Musical Life of Bristol  Barry, J
    1 January 2005Chatterton, More and Bristol cultural life in the 1760s  Barry, J
    11 November 2020Children against slavery: Juvenile agency and the sugar boycotts in Britain  Gleadle, K; Hanley, R
    2004Churchill and Britain's 'Financial Dunkirk'  Toye, Richard
    19 November 2016Climate change and health  Thomas, F
    19 May 2022Closure and the critical epidemic ending  Rose, A
    1 December 2010Communicating with authority: the uses of speech, script and print in Bristol, 1640-1714  Barry, J
    2005Communist MP: Willie Gallacher and British communism  Thorpe, Andrew
    1 May 2007Communities, families and migration: some evidence from Cornwall  Deacon, Bernard
    7 September 2017Computer-Assisted Processing of Intertextuality in Ancient Languages  Hedges, M; Jordanous, A; Lawrence, KF; et al.
    25 January 2021Concerning Beards. Facial Hair, Health and Practice in England 1650-1900  Withey, A
    2007Conservative Party agents in Second World War Britain  Thorpe, Andrew
    2015Constituencies and Interests: An Afterword  Barry, J
    24 January 2022Constructing the Child Soldier Crisis: Violence, Victimhood, and the Development of Transnational Advocacy against the Recruitment and Use of Children in Conflict, circa 1970–2000  Hynd, S
    19 December 2019Constructing the Text: A Comparative Study of Two Saints’ Lives Written c.1200  Birkett, H