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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    26 February 2020Labour and the Culture Wars of Modern Politics  Lawrence, J
    1 May 2013Landmarks with questions – England's school history wars 1967-2010 and 2010-2013  Guyver, R
    28 October 2019Law and liturgy. Excommunication records, 900-1050  Hamilton, S
    2014Law and the Spaces of Empire: Introduction to the Special Issue  Chatterjee, Nandini; Subramanian, Lakshmi
    2010Lay Religion and Pastoral Care in Thirteenth Century England: the Evidence of a Group of Short Confession Manuals  Rider, Catherine
    26 July 2017Leaning to the Left: The Political Reorganisation of Chinese Women Activists within the CCP United-Front Framework (1945-1949)  Guo, V
    1 March 2016Learning lessons from war? Inclusions and exclusions in teaching First World War history in English secondary schools  Pennell, Catriona
    1 January 1984Les maladies et la médecine en pays basque nord à la fin de l'Ancien Régime (1690–1789), review  Jones, Colin
    1 February 2018Litiges maritimes et disparités légales en Méditerranée 1610-1659: les gens de mer nordiques face à la justice marseillaise  Allaire, B; Fusaro, M
    25 September 2019Liturgy and episcopal authority. The Evidence of the Noyon Sacramentary (London, British Library, Additional MS 82956, formerly Phillipps MS 3340)  Hamilton, S
    5 November 2019Liturgy as history: the origins of the Exeter martyrology  Hamilton, S
    2005Lives across a liquid landscape: Cornish migration and the transatlantic world  Deacon, Bernard; Schwartz, Sharron
    2018Living in the age of Axis internationalism: Imagining Europe in Serbia before and during the Second World War  Antic, A
    30 August 2013Locking out the Communists: the Labour party and the Communist party, 1939-46  Thorpe, Andrew
    6 October 2018Luke Sunderland, Rebel barons: resisting royal power in medieval culture  Lippiatt, GEM
    3 January 2018Lynda Payne . The Best Surgeon in England: Percivall Pott, 1713–88. American University Studies, Series 9, Vol. 205  Barry, J