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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    24 August 2015Genetic programming and cellular automata for fast flood modelling on multi-core CPU and many-core GPU computers  Gibson, Michael John
    3 July 2007Genetic sex: “a symbolic struggle against reality?” Exploring genetic and genomic knowledge in sex discourses  Holme, Ingrid
    25 August 2015Genomic Analysis of Microfossils in Lake Sediments  Tennant, Richard Kenneth
    18 October 2011Genomic Sovereignty and "The Mexican Genome"  Schwartz Marín, Ernesto
    8 March 2021Genomics of adaptation in experimental populations of Trinidadian guppies (Poecilia reticulata)  Van Der zee, M
    28 August 2012Genotype-by-environment interactions and sexual selection  Ingleby, Fiona Caroline
    28 November 2011Genre and Globalization: Working Title Films, the British Romantic Comedy and the Global Film Market  Kerry, Lucyann Snyder
    5 September 2016Geochemical characterization, petrogenetic modelling and engineering behaviour of granitic rocks and basic dykes from the northern Indian plate in north-western Pakistan  Sajid, Muhammad
    31 May 2012Geographic Enchantments: the Trickster and Crone in Contemporary Fairy Tales and Storytelling  Knight, Deborah Frances
    2 March 2016Geographical projections: lantern-slides and the making of geographical knowledge at the Royal Geographical Society c.1885 – 1924  Hayes, Emily Jane Eleanor Rhydderch
    30 April 2018Geographies of ageing and disaster: older people’s experiences of post-disaster recovery in Christchurch, New Zealand  Tupper, Sarah
    2 April 2012Geographies of faith, welfare and substance abuse: From neoliberalism to postsecular ethics  Williams, Andrew
    21 December 2017Geographies of fidelity: emergent spaces of third sector activity after the Canterbury earthquakes  Dickinson, Simon Bernard
    29 January 2016Geographies of Risk, Uncertainty and Ambiguity - A Participatory Action Research Project in Catchment Management  Walker, Timothy William
    4 October 2012Geography, cancer and dragon boats: ethnographic explorations of breast cancer dragon boating in the Lake District, UK  Grace, Matthew James
    29 April 2013Geological, Mineralogical and Geochemical Characterisation of the Heavy Rare Earth-rich Carbonatites at Lofdal, Namibia  Do Cabo, Vistorina Nandigolo
    28 October 2009Geology, Geochemistry and Age of Intrusion-Related Mineralisation in Eastern Mexico  Poliquin, Morgan James
    8 June 2020Geometallurgical evaluation of metals recovery from Kupferschiefer ore  Pazik, P
    29 April 2014Geometallurgical Evaluation of the Nkout (Cameroon) and Putu (Liberia) Iron Ore Deposits  Anderson, Kelvin Frederick Esebewa
    21 November 2016Geopoetics: A mindfulness (sati) site-specific performance practice  Tzakou, Anna