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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    18 October 2011Genomic Sovereignty and "The Mexican Genome"  Schwartz Marín, Ernesto
    28 August 2012Genotype-by-environment interactions and sexual selection  Ingleby, Fiona Caroline
    28 November 2011Genre and Globalization: Working Title Films, the British Romantic Comedy and the Global Film Market  Kerry, Lucyann Snyder
    5 September 2016Geochemical characterization, petrogenetic modelling and engineering behaviour of granitic rocks and basic dykes from the northern Indian plate in north-western Pakistan  Sajid, Muhammad
    31 May 2012Geographic Enchantments: the Trickster and Crone in Contemporary Fairy Tales and Storytelling  Knight, Deborah Frances
    2 March 2016Geographical projections: lantern-slides and the making of geographical knowledge at the Royal Geographical Society c.1885 – 1924  Hayes, Emily Jane Eleanor Rhydderch
    30 April 2018Geographies of ageing and disaster: older people’s experiences of post-disaster recovery in Christchurch, New Zealand  Tupper, Sarah
    2 April 2012Geographies of faith, welfare and substance abuse: From neoliberalism to postsecular ethics  Williams, Andrew
    21 December 2017Geographies of fidelity: emergent spaces of third sector activity after the Canterbury earthquakes  Dickinson, Simon Bernard
    29 January 2016Geographies of Risk, Uncertainty and Ambiguity - A Participatory Action Research Project in Catchment Management  Walker, Timothy William
    4 October 2012Geography, cancer and dragon boats: ethnographic explorations of breast cancer dragon boating in the Lake District, UK  Grace, Matthew James
    29 April 2013Geological, Mineralogical and Geochemical Characterisation of the Heavy Rare Earth-rich Carbonatites at Lofdal, Namibia  Do Cabo, Vistorina Nandigolo
    28 October 2009Geology, Geochemistry and Age of Intrusion-Related Mineralisation in Eastern Mexico  Poliquin, Morgan James
    8 June 2020Geometallurgical evaluation of metals recovery from Kupferschiefer ore  Pazik, P
    29 April 2014Geometallurgical Evaluation of the Nkout (Cameroon) and Putu (Liberia) Iron Ore Deposits  Anderson, Kelvin Frederick Esebewa
    21 November 2016Geopoetics: A mindfulness (sati) site-specific performance practice  Tzakou, Anna
    5 October 2020Geostatistical methods for improved quantification of ice mass bed topography  Bartlett, O
    15 April 2019Getting Back in Through Others: Patient Views on Psychotherapy for Complex PTSD  Matheson, C
    28 June 2010Getting In and Getting On: Isolated Bilingual Children's Experiences of Schooling in Primary Schools  Davis, Loraine Madeleine
    28 September 2009Giant planet formation and migration  Ayliffe, Benjamin A.