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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    30 January 2014Libya and Illegal Transit Migration  Fadel, Souad Mohamed Ali
    20 September 2016Life in the nucleus, the genomic basis of energy exploitation by intranuclear microsporidia  Wiredu Boakye, Dominic
    25 October 2012Life-history variation and evolved response to food stress in Oncopeltus fasciatus (Hemiptera: Lygaeidae)  Attisano, Alfredo
    12 March 2018Light in scattering media: active control and the exploration of intensity correlations  Paniagua Diaz, Alba Maria
    30 September 2009Light Touches: Cultural Practices of Illumination, London 1780-1840  Barnaby, Alice
    24 October 2013Limiting Factors in Colonial Seabirds, with Emphasis on Predation, Disease, Parasites and Diet, and Implications for Monitoring Studies  Matias, Rafael Faria Silvestre
    4 March 2014Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Students' Experiences of Small Group Projects at a University in Canada: The Significance of Relationships and Identity Building Processes to the Realisation of Cooperative Learning  de Silva, Moira Eilona Margaret
    18 February 2019Linking disturbance and resources to the invasion resistance and diversity of microbial communities  Lear, L
    25 October 2021Linking patterns to process: incorporating physiological mechanism into climate-based distribution models  Gardner, A
    17 August 2020Linking phenology to population dynamics and distribution change in a changing climate  Stewart, J
    31 May 2018Linking the past to the future: An exploration of the educational experiences of children who have lived with domestic abuse  Chestnutt, Sarah Jayne
    30 May 2017Literacy barriers to learning and learner experiences  Pollock, Susan Patricia
    7 June 2021Literacy, gender and underachievement through the eyes of five boys with identified literacy difficulties within the secondary curriculum  Battershall, S
    13 September 2021Literary Censorship and the Victorian Novel  Meek, S
    21 September 2020LITERATURE REVIEW: How are Self-Compassion, Self-Criticism and Self-Blame, Related to Executive Function Skills: A Systematic Review EMPIRICAL PAPER: Skills for Self-Compassion After Trauma: The Role of Executive Function  Miles, T
    13 September 2019Literature Review: Metacognition in Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder: A Systematic Review; Empirical Paper: Metacognition in Children: How do the Emergent Awareness Abilities of Prediction, Error Detection and Evaluation Change by Age?  Jenkin, R
    2 May 2016LITERATURE REVIEW: Mind Wandering and Anhedonia: A Systematic Review. EMPIRICAL PAPER: An Experience Sampling Study: Does Mind Wandering Mediate the link between Depression and Anhedonia?  Pitt, Joanna Diana (Jodi)
    1 May 2015LITERATURE REVIEW: Repetitive Negative Thought and Anhedonia: A Systematic Review; EMPIRICAL PAPER: Repetitive Negative Thought and Reward Sensitivity  Burrows-Kerr, Ruth
    5 August 2016Little and often makes much: identifying the time-reinforced toxicity of pesticides and their impacts on bees  Holder, Philippa Jane
    28 September 2012Live cell imaging of lipid droplet distribution and motility in the filamentous fungus Ustilago maydis  Meadows, Benjamin Roland Alexander