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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    5 March 2012Selection and Early Career Education of Executive Officers in the Royal Navy c1902-1939  Romans, Elinor Frances
    13 January 2020Selection for antibiotic resistance in complex microbial communities  Stanton, I
    11 August 2017Selection for antibiotic resistance in the aquatic environment: novel assays to detect effect concentrations of micropollutants  Murray, Aimee Kaye
    1 August 2011Selective Laser Melting of Advanced Metal Alloys for Aerospace Applications  Jerrard, Peter George Eveleigh
    22 August 2014Self beyond Self/Lost in Practice: Surveillance, appearance and posthuman possibilities for critical selfhood in children's services in England  Hubbard, Ruth
    5 May 2015Self-Compassion and Attachment Priming: Does Security Priming Aid Self-Compassion in Self-Critical Individuals?  Roy, Amaryllis
    2 May 2017Self-Compassion and the Pursuit of Personal Goals  Parry, Elizabeth
    23 September 2021Self-Compassion, Depression and Anxiety in a Cancer Population: A Systematic Review Does Self-Compassion Facilitate Disengagement from Unachievable Goals?  Coy, L
    2 July 2019Self-Compassion, Goal Pursuit and Well-Being  Sewter, E
    21 October 2019Self-Determination, Sovereignty and History: Situating Zionism in the Settler-Colonial Archive  Nutt, S
    7 March 2022Self-Efficacy in Intercultural English Language Use, Intercultural Communicative Competence, and Frequent Intercultural Encounters through Study Abroad? An Examination of Omani Arab Students' Intercultural Perceptions and Lived Experiences Abroad  Al-Abri, A
    31 August 2021Self-Love and the Artificiality of the Civil Society: Hobbes, Mandeville, and Hume  Zhao, Y
    4 October 2021Self-Translation of Mathematical Texts in Seventeenth-Century France: The Cases of Pascal, Mersenne and Hérigone  Morris, S
    19 June 2016Selfhood, Love and Responsibility: Film Stories of the Everyday and Crisis within the Couple and Family Unit.  Devoy, Jane
    18 January 2021Semi-stable laws for intermittent maps  Coates, D
    29 March 2012Semiconductor surface plasmons: a route to terahertz waveguides and sensors  Stone, Edmund K.
    15 July 2019Sensation Fiction and Modernity: Narratives of Order and Ambivalence in Mid-Victorian Britain  Green, J
    14 March 2022Sensorimotor Differences in Autism Spectrum Disorder: An evaluation of potential mechanisms.  Arthur, T
    30 September 2014Sequencing and Analysis of the Diel Transcriptome of Botryococcus braunii  Cook, Charlotte
    8 July 2019Service Quality Management of Domestic Tour Operators in Thailand  Wichianrat, K