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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    21 May 201519th Century Emigration from Cornwall as Experienced by the Wives 'Left Behind'  Trotter, Lesley Jane
    12 December 202221st Century Holocaust Memorials in Ottawa and London as National Sacred Spaces  Mutton, I
    12 June 202324-Hour Movement Guidelines and Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Relation to Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in Adolescents from Saudi Arabia  Alkhraiji, M
    12 October 20102D and 3D Shape Descriptors  Martinez-Ortiz, Carlos A.
    20 March 20232D Hybrid Perovskite For Next Generation Photodetectors  Riisnaes, KJ
    27 July 20182D materials for Magnetic and Optoelectronic Sensing Applications  Alkhalifa, Saad Fadhil Ramadhan
    18 October 20212D nanocrystal heterostructures - novel production methods and device applications  Nutting, D
    14 March 20223D Face Modelling, Analysis and Synthesis  Koujan, MR
    26 September 20175th Skill in English Language Learning and Teaching: A Pakistani Perspective  Mirza, Nosheen Asghar
    26 July 2011‘Abu Hurayra’ a Narrator of Hadith Revisited: An Examination into the Dichotomous Representations of an Important Figure in Hadith with special reference to Classical Islamic modes of Criticism  Ghani, Usman
    8 October 2008"All I've got to do is Act Naturally": Issues of Image and Performance in the Beatles' Films  Piotrowski, Stephanie Anne
    1 December 2017‘Antehomerica’: The Mythical Tradition of the Abduction of Helen and Its Late Antique Reception in Colluthus and Dracontius  Gilka, Marcelina
    20 June 2008'Anywhere Out of the World': Restlessness in the work of Bruce Chatwin  Chatwin, Jonathan Michael
    9 August 2017'As fowle a ladie as the smale pox could make her': Facial Damage and Disfigurement in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century England'.  Webb, Michelle Louise
    12 September 2011"As is the manner and the custom" Folk tradition amd identity in Cornwall  Davey, Mervyn Rex
    20 February 2023'Astrology is higher and nobler than medicine and every physician must be an astrologer': The Theory and Practice of Medical Astrology in England c.1580-1700  Dunn, B
    28 April 2011A Bayesian expected error reduction approach to Active Learning  Fredlund, Richard
    5 January 2015A Bayesian Risk Assessment of the Saudi Arabian Oil Supply Chain, 2001-2010  Janczak-Hogarth, David Scott
    18 October 2021“Being the change”: Dynamic change processes in the emergence of collective action  Nesbitt, L
    3 February 2012A Biomechanical Assessment of Gait Patterns and Risk of Associated Overuse Conditions among Mature Female Runners  Lilley, Kim Louise