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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    13 December 2010Bacterial-Nanoparticle Interactions  McQuillan, Jonathan
    25 October 2016Badger social networks and their implications for disease transmission  Steward, Lucy Charlotte
    9 September 2014Bahraini School English Language Teachers’ Beliefs and Professionalism under New Educational Reforms in Bahrain: An Interpretive Perspective  Hasan, Mohamed Hasan Mohamed
    21 August 2023Banking on Cooperation: Testing Evolutionary Theories of Human Cooperation via Microfinance Loans  Foster, D
    31 March 2017Basking shark movement ecology in the north-east Atlantic  Doherty, Philip David
    4 February 2019Bats and roads: Evaluating methods for risk assessment  Fensome, A
    25 May 2011Battle for Music: Music and British Wartime Propaganda 1935-1945  Morris, John Vincent
    5 August 2019Bayesian Hierarchical Modelling Frameworks for Flawed Data in Environment and Health  Stoner, O
    22 May 2023Bayesian Methods for Animal Social Network Analysis  Hart, J
    12 July 2010Bayesian modelling of recurrent pipe failures in urban water systems using non-homogeneous Poisson processes with latent structure  Economou, Theodoros
    15 June 2020Beam theory and finite element approaches to modelling the stresses in the second metatarsal during running  Ellison, M
    28 September 2012Beating the Bounds: Exploring Borders and Scale in Contemporary British Environmental Poetry  Smith, Ben Oliver Sebastian
    30 March 2009Beautiful Stranger: The Function of the Coquette in Victorian Literature  Ioannou, Maria
    23 April 2012Becoming a Doctor in Syria: Learning and Identity in English for Specific Purposes at a Syrian University  Farhat, Dima
    13 July 2020Becoming a mutual: How members negotiate identity during and after public sector 'spin-out'  Waters, H
    1 November 2012Becoming a speech and language therapist; A qualitative exploration of the experiences of male speech and language therapy students and early career professionals  Bending, Hazel Ruth
    25 June 2008Becoming Gentlemen: Women Writers, Masculinity, and War, 1778-1818.  Woodworth, Megan Amanda
    28 May 2019Becoming lost within relational, democratic geographical fieldwork spaces.  Witt, S
    5 June 2023Bees, bugs and antibiotics – the interactions of veterinary and agricultural antibiotics with the gut microbiome, resistome and health of bees  Bulson, L
    30 May 2014Behaviour and Endocrinology of Meerkats in Zoos  Scott, Katy