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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    17 May 2012Leaders’ Personal Performance and Prototypicality as Interactive Determinants of Social Identity Advancement  Steffens, Niklas
    21 April 2011Leading Change for Environmental Management Practices in Tourism: the case of SMEs in South West England  Zschiegner, Anne-Kathrin Conny
    11 December 2015Leading, Knowing and Growing from a Wu Wei Perspective: A Study of Logistics SMEs in Shanghai, China  Li, Hongqin
    2 March 2020Learning Augmented Optimization for Network Softwarization in 5G  Cheng, X
    7 February 2022Learning from Data Streams with Randomized Forests  Seah, T
    1 June 2011Learning from Langland: theo-poetic resources for the post-Hind landscape  Burn, Helen Mary
    3 October 2008Learning Partnerships - the art of handling ambiguity  Meaney, Patrick Anthony
    16 November 2016Learning Through Performance: Theatre, Education and the First World War at the Beginning of the Centenary Moment  Phipps, Amanda Dawn
    6 June 2011Learning to Live interculturally: an exploration of experience and learning among a group of international students at a university in the UK  Rich, Sarah Alice Louise
    6 April 2020Learning to live with a new educational technology: an exploration of tertiary teachers’ experience in the Middle East  Cavalcanti, E
    2 June 2014Learning to Teach English: Untrained Beginning Teachers During their First Year of Teaching in Syria  Jesry, Abdulrahman
    3 January 2017Legal Risks Faced By Investors in Dealing with Islamic Financial Transactions and Mitigation Actions/Strategies to Keep Off Legal Risks: The Case of Murabaha Transaction  Almohana, Mohammad
    21 October 2010Legal, Regulatory, and Fiscal Determinants of Venture Capital Investments  Thiengtham, Dolruedee
    17 May 2010Legitimacy, Identity and Conflict: The Struggle for Political Authority in Southern Sudan, 2005-2010  Washburne, Sarah Lykes
    31 May 2013Lego Therapy: Developing Social Competence in Children with Asperger Syndrome Through Collaborative Lego Play  Brett, Elinor
    23 July 2007Lesbian literatures of age and identity: the ‘in-between worlds’ within ageing  Lowery, Penelope Jane
    19 July 2021Lessons from Lesson Study: Exploring School Climate, Teacher Learning and Teacher Self-Efficacy in an Inner London Primary School  Hannay, J
    7 June 2021Lex Petrolea, Arbitration and other Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms in oil and gas investment contracts: a critical analysis  Bouvery, L
    30 January 2014Libya and Illegal Transit Migration  Fadel, Souad Mohamed Ali
    20 September 2016Life in the nucleus, the genomic basis of energy exploitation by intranuclear microsporidia  Wiredu Boakye, Dominic