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    27 May 2011Home Tutoring for Children in Care - Student, Tutor and Carers' Perspectives  Russell, Elizabeth Anna
    30 May 2013Home-School Relationships: The Communication and Engagement Practices of Schools and the Role of the Community Educational Psychologist  Bevington, Suzanne
    28 May 2019Homeward Bound: How Translators Negotiate the Foreign in Travel and Tourism. An English-Russian Case Study.  Selezneva, M
    1 July 2019Homework in English language teaching – Hong Kong primary English language teachers’ beliefs and practices  Moorhouse, B
    1 September 2015Honeycombs with structured core for enhanced damping  Boucher, Marc-Antoine C. J.
    12 January 2009Hopf-Galois Module Structure Of Some Tamely Ramified Extensions  Truman, Paul James
    30 May 2018Hopf-Galois Structures on Galois Extensions of Fields of Squarefree Degree  Alabdali, Ali Abdulqader Bilal
    9 September 2019Host-pathogen-drug interactions in the context of antibiotic resistance: How host xenobiotic metabolism can affect antibiotic efficacy in a Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection  Tonneau, C
    11 May 2015Hot-carrier luminescence in graphene  Alexeev, Evgeny
    29 July 2016Hounding the urban fox: a Critical Discourse Analysis of a moral panic with an animal folk devil  Groling, Jessica Sarah
    3 August 2009How Boats Change: Explaining Morphological Variation in European Watercraft, based on an Investigation of Logboats from Bohemia and Moravia, Czech Republic  Rogers, Jason Samuel
    21 October 2015How can adherence to International Law be better encouraged during Security Sector Reform? An analysis of the British Army’s professionalisation of indigenous forces.  Crofts, Michael Seth
    15 May 2014How can Global Educational Partnerships and Community Cohesion inform one another? Investigating two secondary schools.  Rogers, James David
    28 February 2012How Can I Support Early Childhood Studies Undergraduate Students To Develop Reflective Dispositions?  Hanson, Karen Jane
    27 April 2012How can performance act historiographically? Enacting the New York avant-gardes of 1960s and early 1970s  Field, Andrew Thomas
    31 August 2017How can the Supervisory Relationship Facilitate Perceptions of effective Supervision for Trainee Educational Psychologists  Vanderman, Aysha
    7 June 2012How Do Assessors Mark? The Process of Assessing Written Work Produced by Students in Higher Education  Delaney, Calum Milne
    6 May 2014How do Carers of People With an Intellectual Disability With Dementia Experience Their Role and the Support They Receive Through Services?  Bromley, Leslie Andrew
    30 March 2010How does parental contribution affect offspring performance in anadromous and resident brown trout, Salmo trutta L.?  Ashton, Jill Caroline
    23 July 2018How Does Working Memory Training Work? Transfer, Strategies, and Neural Correlates in Children Aged 9-14 Years  Jones, Jonathan