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    Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
    1 January 2019Self-regulated learning, metacognitive awareness, and argumentative writing: a structural equation modeling approach  Abdollahzadeh, E; Frsani, M; Bekmohmadi, M
    1 January 2015Service learning as post-colonial discourse: Active global citizenship.  Martin, FE; Pirbhai-Illich, F
    24 August 2020Shaping spaces: Teachers’ orchestration of metatalk about written text  Newman, R; Watson, A
    1 July 2002Shared thinking: metacognitive modelling in the literacy hour  Fisher, Ros
    20 August 2014Social and interpersonal development in schools  Boyle, C
    18 October 2018Social and interpersonal development in schools  Parkins, W; Boyle, C; Anderson, J
    9 July 2017Social and professional influences on antimicrobial prescribing for doctors-in-training: a realist review  Papoutsi, C; Mattick, K; Pearson, M; et al.
    2010Soziale und interkulturelle Vorteile durch zweisprachigen Unterricht? Eine Untersuchung in der Staatlichen Europa-Schule Berlin. [Social and intercultural advantages though bilingual education? An examination of State Berlin Europe School).  Meier, Gabriela
    27 May 2020Spatial reasoning skills about 2D representations of 3D geometrical shapes in grades 4 to 9  Fujita, T; Kondo, Y; Kumakura, H; et al.
    7 November 2016STEM in England: meanings and motivations in the policy arena  Wong, V; Dillon, J; King, H
    2 May 2016Student learning approaches in the UAE: the case for the achieving domain  McLaughlin, J; Durrant, P
    1 December 2013Student learning: Improving practice  Boyle, C
    2010Student teachers’ thinking about learning to teach: a study of student teachers of mathematics and science at the end of their initial training  Postlethwaite, Keith; Haggarty, Linda
    1 November 2016Students' informal inference about the binomial distribution of "Bunny hops": A dialogic perspective  Kazak, S; Fujita, T; Wegerif, R
    16 September 2016Students' understanding of the structure of deductive proof  Miyazaki, M; Fujita, T; Jones, DK
    22 April 2019Students’ collaborative decision-making processes in defining and classifying quadrilaterals: A Semiotic/Dialogic approach  Fujita, T; Joney, J; Wegerif, R
    22 April 2019Students’ collaborative decision-making processes in defining and classifying quadrilaterals: a semiotic/dialogic approach  Fujita, T; Doney, J; Wegerif, R
    2017Students’ geometric thinking with cube representations: Assessment framework and empirical evidence  Fujita, T; Kondo, Y; Kumamura, H; et al.
    2014Supervised learning events in the foundation programme: a UK-wide narrative interview study  Rees, Charlotte E.; Cleland, Jennifer A.; Dennis, Ashley; et al.
    23 February 2018Supporting Less-Proficent Writers through Linguistically-Aware Teaching  Myhill, DA; Jones, SM; Lines, HE